Christmas in Sweden

If you had told me a year ago that I’d find myself sitting in a cozy cafe in Göteborg, reflecting on the wonderful Christmas experience I’ve just had, I would have definitely called you crazy. Me, celebrate Christmas? Never! My religion forbade it, after all. And even though at the time I had some doubts […]

What I love about Bangkok

Living in Bangkok has opened my eyes to many things. I’ve learned to just take things slow and not be too restricted by time. I’ve also learned  that even in a relatively peaceful country, underhanded activities such as prostitution and mafias do exist. It just reminded me that in life you will always encounter good and bad situations. Whether […]

Big City Life

It can be quite amusing when you see someone experience big city life for the first time. Their wide eyed wonder, astonishment and delight as their senses are overwhelmed by this new experience can cause even you, a city slicker to feel excited. It’s almost as if the energy that breathes life to the city […]